Mother’s Day

With one official Mother’s Day under my belt, I can tell you that I very much anticipated today.  Not necessarily to be celebrated as a mother, but for me to celebrate that I am fortunate enough to be a mother.  I will admit that sometimes I take for granted the privilege of being a mother.  So I let Mother’s Day remind me to count my blessings.  Not only was I graced with my beautiful daughters, but I was given the opportunity to become a step-mom–a rare opportunity that I am always thankful for.  Being a step-mom first helped me prepare for my girls.  I am also thankful for Casin’s mom who graciously welcomed me into Casin’s life long ago and trusts me to love and care for him as his step-mom.

Everyday I tend to and care for our children as moms do. I make them breakfast, get them ready for their day and at the very end of the day I tuck them into bed. Oftentimes I forget how lucky I am to be able to do all of these little things that mean so much to them.

When I was younger I remember my mom always going the extra step to make us feel special. For instance, on days I would take my own lunch to school, there would always be a little card or napkin that said “Have a great day! Love, Mom” or “I love you. Mom”. No matter what my day was like, that always put a smile on my face. And as kids do, others would tease me about the notes so I would hide them but I don’t remember seeing notes in any of their lunches…Something as simple as a lunch box note yet it still remains in my heart today.

That’s what mamas do. We just want our babies to feel loved. We want them to know that they are their mother’s world.  No matter how scary and emotional the motherhood roller coaster can be, it is always ALWAYS worth it.  I love that I can look into my child’s eyes and know that they need me.  But what they really don’t know is how much I need them.


I was honored to spend this beautiful day with both of our families at home.  We celebrated everything that makes motherhood great.  We ate, we laughed and we loved.  Tonight I am snuggling with my three favorite little people.  Perfection.

Happy Mother’s Day to you and yours!  I only hope that every mother was made to feel as special as I felt today.


I heard this poem on Disney Junior the other day on a commercial break from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  Normally I can tune out Disney but this caught my attention and froze me for a moment.  Beautifully spoken, this poem perfectly describes what being a mom means to me.


Dear Tessa: Mother’s Day

Dear Tessa:

Welcome to the celebration that is Mother’s Day, where once a year you have to give your Mama lots and lots of extra love for a whole day 🙂

I feel pretty special today.  Because I am your mom.

Until now, I always thought Mother’s Day was a day where we were “supposed” to tell our moms how much we loved and appreciated them and/or get them a card to show just that.  I thought it was like any other day that came and passed every year.  Which it sort of is, but now that I am a mama I know what the other end of Mother’s Day feels like.

And it is awesome…

Aunt Erika and I celebrating with our babies and our mama!

Being your mom has been beyond rewarding in ways I never thought possible.  Rewarding, yes.  But trying at times.  Among many of the things that I have learned in nine fast months, these tend to stand out:

1.)  While patience may be a virtue, I’ve found that it is a characteristic that needs to be learned, then acquired.

2.)  Having an organized schedule is great, but I’ll be honest–you pretty much call the shots each day.  So yeah…schedule-shmedule…

3.)  There is no such thing as packing too many diapers.

4.)  I am more and more like my mother these days…

5.)  The Jumperoo is by far the greatest toy that Fisher Price has ever came out with.

I rest my case.

But these stand out a little bit more:

1.)  Your laughter makes me cry.

2.)  My heart swells for days when you reach a new milestone.  I know it is a right of passage for every child to reach their milestones, but for you my dear–it is a divine right.

3.)  Although at times I get a little jealous, I actually love how much of a daddy’s girl you are!

I know today is a day where the moms in the world are supposed to be recognized and thanked, but really I just want to thank you.  Because without you, I wouldn’t be able to enjoy this day like I do now.  Thank you…for teaching me how to be a mom–even if I struggle at it sometimes, for showing me how to really love someone, for teaching me patience, for opening my eyes.  Thank you for being my daughter.  The greatest gift you gave me was the privilege of being your mom.

Your dad says you are so lucky to have me, but really I think I’m the lucky one.

Love, Mom