Dear Tessa: Happy 7th Birthday!

Dear Tessa,

My bedroom door slowly opened up this morning while I was feeding Dax. Your face peaked around the corner while you held onto the door handle. “Is it my birthday today mom?” I smiled and nodded my head yes. “Yay! It’s my birthday! It’s my birthday! I love you!” I watched as you jumped up and down and gave your daddy a great big hug.

You excitedly climbed up in my bed and laid down next to me, describing the kind of birthday cake you wanted. First it was Trolls, then emojis; ultimately deciding on a giant Frozen cake topped with whipped cream and ice cream. The good news is that your dad already bought you an ice cream cake, complete with whipped cream topping. Technically a frozen cake but without all of the glitter. We opted for this route because as you’ve told us before, you’re “not a big fan of cake.” And we all know ice cream is the best way to your heart.

Happy seventh birthday. How in the world are you seven years old? I swear I just brought all six pounds of you home from the hospital yesterday.

First off, I am just going to go ahead and own that I dropped the birthday ball this year. August 15 snuck up on me this year, and I failed to plan a single thing for your special day. We will celebrate with a few of your friends next week. Which means I had to slightly let you down today when you asked what time your surprise party would be. Seriously girlfriend, you can’t go expecting surprise parties until you’re twenties or thirties like the rest of us.

I know kids grow faster than parents realize, so it shouldn’t surprise me but it always does. Every birthday arrives, and I’m all like hold on a hot second…you can’t get any bigger, ok? I try to convince you to stay the same age just one more year, but you won’t have any of it.

Seven feels like a big one. Still a kid, but becoming more of a big one. Your baby face I smooched on for so long now has less chubby cheeks. A few freckles now rest below your piercing blue eyes. The short bob that frames your face complements your bold personality. Your smile is sporting two brand new front teeth that are just about all the way in, and the hot pink glasses add the perfect amount of sass. Country music has recently rocked your soul thanks to Chris Janson. Expressions and opinions about the world you live in are more prevalent as your interests broaden.

While so much of you is changing, a lot remains the same. Your love of milkshakes and your beloved “Malt Man” (AKA Dad) is as strong as it gets. Books are still your favorite way to relax. You appreciate a good Caesar salad. Music and Netflix could entertain you all day long. As of yesterday, ranch dressing is still your “jam.” And my favorite… pretending to not know how to do certain things just to get mom’s help. The perfect blend of old and new to ease the bittersweet stages of watching you grow up.

In a few weeks, you will start second grade. A socially defining year for kids your age. Real friendships begin to form as common interests intersect at recess and lunch. As your mom, I wonder what these friendships will look like for you. Will you be loved and accepted for all of the wonderful things that make you, you?

My hope for you, even more than making friends, is that you are never afraid to be yourself. That you continue to explore the things that bring you happiness. Most importantly, that you remain kind when others may not be in return.

Happy birthday sweet Tessa Bug. We love you lots and hope you enjoy your special day.

Love, Mom (and Malt Man, too) ❤️

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