Summer Break

The middle of August means that summer is on its way out for the year, and the start of a fresh school year is just a couple of weeks away. Our summer bucket list was non-existent this year. We spent most of our days at home; sleep deprived and super laid back thanks to our newest and sweetest addition, baby Dax.

Our summer has been full of therapy appointments, summer school, doctor visits, baseball games and deadlines. If it isn’t in mom’s Google calendar, it ain’t happenin’ kids. *Insert shrug emoji*

Adding a new baby into the mix has certainly kept our days (and nights) even more full outside of our already packed schedules; leaving little time for epic memories moms often feel pressured to provide their kids with over summer break. And guess what? The children have survived without a full-fledged family vacation or so much as a day trip to the zoo, beach or water park. Maybe next year when life settles back down. You know, when the baby is one; likely walking around and getting into everything.

Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy a nice, stressful family vacay just as much as the next parent; but it wasn’t happening this year. To be fair, our kids needed a summer like this. They’ve had it real good in their short lives and have enjoyed plenty of special trips and events. It is okay for them to understand that mom and dad are not the sole creators of good childhood memories. That they can do so creatively without leaving home or spending lots of money.

Summer break this year is nice because I am on maternity leave, which means lots and lots and lots of time for me and the kids to spend together. And by nice, I sort of mean crazy. It is absolutely bananas around here most days; good and bad. Occasionally I’ll respond to yet another round of tattling with phrases like “I don’t care,” or “…figure it out yourselves.” Anyone else or just me?

It isn’t that I truly do not care, it’s more so that we have all been home together for several weeks on end and they have been tattling on one another for the same stuff every single day. Also, have I mentioned I’m currently functioning on little to no sleep? I don’t think I need to intervene because one sister called the other a “poopy head.” That can be handled amongst themselves. I have real poop issues to tackle with the infant of the house.

I’m going rogue over here, ya’ll…

We have reached the do-whatever-you-want phase of summer; where it’s all running through the sprinkler in their clothes, premade cookie dough, eating popsicles in their undies out on the porch, not always fitting veggies into the meals, constantly sporting mess faces, 4 o’clock naps, literally never wearing shoes and staying up way later than they should instead of trying to get into school bedtime routines.

Based on how happy they are, perhaps I should have ran out of sh*** to give as soon as school got out. But you know, mom guilt is a real thing. As an avid planner that struggles with anxiety, letting things happen candidly isn’t always easy for me either.

In light of this revelation, we’re riding this chill train straight to the end of summer. Because dang it, it feels good. It’s the kind of summers I often grew up having and actually really appreciate now that I’m a mom.

While we didn’t deliver on big moments this summer, there was no shortage of little ones. And that makes this mom’s heart sing all the feel-good songs.

Hang in there guys. One day we will be wishing for all of this again.

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