Dear Tessa: Happy 4th Birthday!

Dear Tessa,

How in the world are you 4 years old already?


You keep growing up so fast as though I won’t notice.  But I do.


I see you achieving everything that, at one time, I thought you maybe wouldn’t.


Shining brighter than ever before.  And I love it.

In a few weeks you start Pre-k.  I won’t go all ugly-mom-cry on you today.  I’ll save that for your first day of school…again.  Can you believe how big you are, though?  Because I sure can’t.  Take me back to the first days when all we did was cuddle up and take naps.  But cool 4 year olds like you don’t appreciate a good cuddle sesh as much as your dear old moms do.

I really look forward to your birthday each year.  Because it means there is another good year in the books and another year to come. The mystery of the upcoming year is exciting.  You grow through challenges and learn through experiences–the way every child does.

Your birthday is especially sentimental for me.  Today, I’ll spend a fair amount of time remembering the day you were born; recalling the moment we learned that you had Down syndrome.  The first day we met you, you rocked our world.


going home

But you promised us everything would be okay, and you totally stole our hearts.


Every day since your arrival has been an adventure.

Tessa 2 walk

last chemo

And we wouldn’t change a thing.


Happy 4th Birthday Tessa Jo.  We love you to the moon and right back. Here’s to another awesome year!

Love, Mom.

P.S.– I lied.   I am ugly-mom-crying all over my desk right now.



One thought on “Dear Tessa: Happy 4th Birthday!

  1. Happy birthday to you, happy birhtday to you, happy birthday dear Tessa, happy birthday to you! I’m so proud of Tessa for all she’s achieved in her four years so far. I wish her many great years to come. And wow, the first day of school is one amazing thing!

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