Dear Tessa: One Year Cancer Free

Dear Tessa,

You are like the poster child for summer 2015.  Between camping, swimming, chasing fireflies, tons of popsicles, nighttime walks for ice cream and plenty of time outdoors we have really outdone out selves this summer; and it feels good.

Although it is hard to compare to summer last year.  A year ago today we found out that you were finally in remission from cancer. I remember crying in the produce section of the grocery store when I got the phone call.  I know, Tess. We celebrate a lot of anniversaries and milestones with you.  But this is by far the best one.

One whole year ago.  It seems like forever ago and like yesterday at the same time.  You have come so far since then. When I think about where you have been and where you are now, I sort of can’t believe it all.  Before that fateful phone call, we were preparing for another fight.  We waited anxiously on biopsy results.  We were held captive by that population of rare and complex blast cells, not knowing what they were capable of and desperately searching for advice.  We prayed hard for a miracle, and others did too.  Out of nowhere came the best news we could ask for.

Cancer free looks good on you.  Look at you now, one year completely cancer free.


Never ever giving up.


Finding freedom and joy in every moment,


and showing me what life is all about.

We discovered life again in the last year.  You are ready to head into your second year of school.  Next weekend, you will be the honorary co-chair for this year’s Relay For Life walk for Lafayette County where you will walk your second survivor’s lap.  You are finishing up your first gymnastics class.  You are doing so many things that people do regularly, but I once worried that you would ever get the same chances because of cancer.


I want to face life the way that you do–always unsure of what may happen, but ready to boldly take on all challenges.

Happy one year of sweet freedom sweetheart.  Here is to many, many more.

Love, Mom


3 thoughts on “Dear Tessa: One Year Cancer Free

  1. This is such a wonderful post for Tessa to read when she is older, save and enjoy you sweet one!

  2. We’d love to have you and Tessa join us at the Buddy Walk on October 3rd in Hartland, WI. We are actually going to celebrate a couple cancer free kids. Plus-I’d love to have you sell your book. I still use it everytime I visit young kiddos in classrooms. It is such a wondeful way to introduce Down syndrome. So glad she is doing well.

    Robbin Thomas Lyons 262-443-8690 WIUSD.ORG, BOD President

    Down syndrome is down right beautiful!

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