Dear Tessa: One Year Down

Dear Tessa,

You read that right.  You have officially entered the “summer break” stage in life because you just finished your first year of public school! I can’t even believed I just typed that.  What’s next?  Prom?!  Oy…

I know I have missed a couple of letters.  A habit I swore I would break, but life happens.  And luckily for you and your siblings, my focus was centered around the three of you.  I don’t even talk about life being crazy or busy anymore.  I have just come to accept this lifestyle and try my best to roll with it.

Let’s keep on this school talk, shall we.  You had a little program at school today to celebrate your last day.  You are really going to be surprised because I did not cry–not once!  I almost felt a little bad not crying.  Crying is my thing.  I cried selling your clothes at our garage sale last week.  Certainly, I would have thought the last day of your first year of school would have cranked some tears out; but nope.  Nothing.  However, I did smile a lot!

I know how much you love school, and I love seeing your blossom in your classroom.  It makes me so proud and eases my mind.  It also makes me unbelievably happy.  So I saved my tears today as I watched your flutter around your classroom with your friends; smiling and singing on your last day of your very first year of school.

last day tessa

Today, you sat with your friends and sang three songs for the parents.  Even though you have been practicing them for about two weeks at home, today’s performance was by far the best.  Then we grabbed gigantic Mr. Freeze’s and headed outside to the playground.


Tessa Jo, you really nailed your first year of school by meeting your IEP goals, making a lot of new friends and charming the daylights out of everyone as usual and so very much more.   You are so lucky. You have awesome teachers and therapists with you at school all the time.  They have helped you so much this year.  And I know for a fact that your success is a direct reflection of their commitment to you. Not once did I ever hear, “Because she has Down syndrome, this…” or “plan on her being behind because of…”  Not once.  No limits.  Your having an extra chromosome never stopped them from teaching you the way you deserved to learn.  Any setbacks were motivation to move forward and achieve more.  Which is exactly what you did with them.


I hope your team at school knows how much your daddy and I appreciate that.  School was brand new territory for us; and while it was all scary and unfamiliar for a number of reasons, they handled our concerns with grace and confidence.  They believed in you just as much as we did, and their constant unwavering support made for huge accomplishments this year.  I do not know where the school roads lead from here.  All I know is that the bar has been set high, which means I will always expect people to believe in your abilities.

Because girlfriend, there is just nothing that you cannot do!  *Z-snap and walk away…  

One year down Tessa Bug.  As always, I am proud as ever.  Now, excuse me while I go cry.

Love, Mom

4 thoughts on “Dear Tessa: One Year Down

  1. Becky, I just re-read this. I have to say that it is one of my favorites that you have written, and I have read most all of your entries. This one is just so full of “good”, and “happy” stuff. As I read it, I found myself thinking of Lucy and her school experience this year. So much of what you have written about Tessa has been applicable to our Lucy girl. So, not only do I get to feel really good about Tessa’s accomplishments; I get to think about them in reference to Lucy, and how far she has come. I look forward to keeping up with Tessa’s accomplishments yet to come. Thanks again for taking the time to share with all of us.


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