Dear Tessa: Busy

Dear Tessa,

A day late, a dollar short.  Or in your case, a letter short.  Remember when I promised not so long ago that I would not forget your monthly letter?  Well February is over early like it is every year and time slipped away…again.  There.  Now you and Kendal aren’t the only two in this house full of empty promises.

I know and you know that mom is busy.  I sort of hate that word.  Busy.  It sounds so cavalier and presumptuous sometimes–“Sorry, I’m too busy.”  Well who the hell isn’t?

I am learning to find contentment in busy.  I have accepted our busy hectic fully-scheduled life.  I know it will be this way for quite sometime and that is okay.  Even during the most chaotic of overbooked days, I would still rather be busy than looking for something to do.  But it is frustrating often because I allow busyness to disturb the things that I enjoy–like writing for instance.  Weird how that all works, you know, my never-ending struggle with balance.


Prioritizing my time efficiently is a task I will probably work on forever.  What can I say–I’m not perfect.  Moving forward I want you to know this:  You are one person.  You cannot be everything all at once to everyone.  And what I mean is that it is okay to forget things, to push something aside, and to–gasp–elect to not do something for someone else.  As much as you may not like it, it is okay to be busy too. On the flip side, know that being “too busy” for something doesn’t always imply that you were doing something less important. Take responsibility for those times and embrace your next step. It is totally fine to put yourself first, and I want you to do that from time to time!  No really, please do!

Don’t let busy define who you are or what you do.  Find a happy busy and go with it.  (Boy, I could take a lesson from my own words.)


Love, Mom.

Oh and P.S. — you are officially and finally in REMISSION.  No more biopsies baby love!  Sure that could have been the main topic to write about, but I had faith all along.



One thought on “Dear Tessa: Busy

  1. Wonderful post, Becky. As all of yours have been. You have never been “a dollar short”, and you have never had even one “empty promise” from where I stand (read). You are a wonderful mom. I continue to enjoy your posts, and keeping up with Tessa. I am so glad to hear she is definitely in remission. YAY!!!

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