Goodbye 2014

So long 2014.  I am ready to bid the past year adieu resolutely.  Not out of angst or bitterness, but of certainty that it is time to move forward.  I have my right foot out in front, ready to take the first step into the new year.  It is time to renew myself and start fresh.

No grievances about the tribulations of the last twelve months, because I am thankful to learn from them–mostly thankful to recognize what I will have the chance to try again in the upcoming year.  And despite the heartache, there was goodness by the bucketfuls.  More than this little mama heart could handle some days.  Now what’s not to love about that?!

pic frame

That is what a new year is all about.  Renewal, reflection, discovery, second, third–hell even seventh chances, letting go of what cannot be changed and embracing whatever life may throw my way, challenging myself and opening my green eyes much wider.

I am blowing out the flames of 2014 like a birthday candle; wishing for clarity, health and happiness–and in no particular order.


Healing is the perfect combination of blending old and new, and finding balance in it all.  It takes time and in the process, I want to learn to stay true to myself and crave inspiration from life around me.  Not to change who I am, but to grow into a better version of myself than I was the day before.

Chin up, looking straight ahead without worry.  Because what good is it to worry anyway?


Hello 2015.  I am absolutely ready for you.

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