Dear Tessa: October’s Letter…

Dear Tessa,

If you could see yourself now, you see an eager and determined three year old girl.  You would see a beautiful head of naturally highlighted hair with a peculiar style.  You would see a playful spirit and a runny nose.  And most days you would probably see dirty clothes.  If you could hear yourself now, you would hear your voice so sweetly say “I love you mommy.”  You would hear the sound of busy feet moving freely throughout the day.  You would hear contagious laughter rolling in like waves.

If you could see yourself now, you would not see Down syndrome.  If you could hear yourself, you would not hear Down syndrome.  You would not see or hear a cancer survivor either.  You would see you–the little girl who rises above the challenges she faces.  You would see yourself the way we see you–nothing short of amazing.

My wish for you is for everyone to see, hear and enjoy you the way we do…the way you deserve.


I won’t be here forever, dear, and I want you to be able to stand tall enough on your own without my voice speaking for yours.  I want you to be seen and heard as an individual, just as you are and were always meant to be.  And if I am here long enough I want to be in your shadow watching you take all of the light you need to shine brightly, heart bursting with pride and telling those near me, “That’s my girl.”

Photo: LifeTouch
Photo: LifeTouch

I continue to be inspired by you.  I am grateful for the lessons you lend to me without even knowing it.  Inside you is a force so powerful, endearing and infectious.  From watching you fight for your days here on earth to seeing you live and breathe the beauty of life that surrounds you every day since, I am so lucky to call you mine.

Lend a hand

Let your light shine bright.

Love, Mom

3 thoughts on “Dear Tessa: October’s Letter…

  1. Wow, Becky. I write this with very watery eyes. I love reading what you write; I have since you began this living journal. I think you give so many people a reason to believe and have faith, especially in the power of our children. I know you believe you are the luckiest mom alive…but little Tessa is very luck to have you for her mom.

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