Indy, here we come!

Happy 4th of July week!  We are preparing for our holiday weekend, and I can already tell that it is going to be great!  I have been on Pinning red, white, and blue themed desserts-that I certainly won’t have time to make-the last few days.  While I probably will not even end up attempting anything fun of the sort, it sure is making me feel festive!  I am heading to the dollar store later to stock up on all sorts of prideful decor for our campsite.  Bring on the chincy paper stars, confetti, sparklers and the beach because this chick is about to get real American this weekend!



I leave later next week for the National Down Syndrome Congress Convention in Indianapolis where I will be set up in the exhibitors hall again.  My dear sister and co-pilot Erika will be making the trip with me.  Who doesn’t love a good sister roadtrip? If we make it there even close to what Google Maps says, I will be thoroughly impressed!

I am especially excited to see old and new faces, to meet new parents, families, friends and share the joy of 47 Strings:  Tessa’s Special Code with as many people as possible!  We had such an overwhelming response in Denver last year that it is hard to not look forward to Indy next week!  Of course I am nervous. That will never change.  It is a good nervous though…like first-date-nervous.  You know, the butterflies in your stomach, eager and anxious type. Because I hope more than anything that I can send a take-away with those that I meet that leaves them feeling empowered and excited whether they have been walking this road for years or are just taking their first steps.  I want to make the marks that were so deeply embedded on my heart when I started out.  That is why I am where I am today, spreading this message so dear to me: that we do not have to fear an extra 21st chromosome.  

I am coming into this convention with one more good year under my belt.  We learned a lot from Denver last year and are better prepared for this year!  We will have PLENTY of books on hand, organization info packets, fundraising opportunities, DS Awareness bracelets, etc.  We also have a beautiful brand new upright banner that will help make us easier to fine, and of course…tons of pictures of Tessa!  Please remember that a portion of all sales go directly back into the Down syndrome community to help furnish the goals that we are all working toward:  achievement, acceptance and opportunity.

Tessa will not be attending the convention again this year.  I know many people were hoping to meet her, but unfortunately it is too soon after treatment.  She still does not handle large crowds well either.  I can always hope for next year!

Indianapolis, I hope you are ready for us…because we are ready for you!  If you will be at the convention, please stop by and say Hi!  We would love to see you!

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