World Down Syndrome Day–This Kind of Love

Happy World Down Syndrome Day (WDSD)!  Today marks the annual celebration of the third copy of that 21st chromosome shared by many.   It is a day to commemorate the achievements–big and small–of those born with Down syndrome and to show the world that our loved ones are people first…diagnosis later.  This year’s blogger theme in honor of WDSD for the International Down Syndrome Coalition is “This Kind of Love.”  Several other Down syndrome bloggers are sharing their posts on what this kind of love is really like.  Feel free to check their awesomeness out here.  Also please check out the IDSC’s 2014 WDSD video at the end of this post!

Here’s my version…


What does this kind of love mean to me?

going home  brothersister


This kind of love is positively contagious and addictive.

dells 1 (2)

dads girls

This kind of love is beautiful, and I have a never ending supply.

It is a funny kind of love actually…



stand up

No really, we laugh a lot!

This kind of love is bursting at the seams…like a July 4th-fireworks-explosion-in-my-heart-every-single-day kind of love.


This kind of love is proud.


last chemo

And it speaks volumes.


Belmont hat day

This kind of love can be frustrating and fearful.  Sometimes this kind of love breaks my heart.

Sitting on my first ever time-out and really not happy about it!


But this kind of love is forgiving.  It is rewarding.  It is real.  It loves you right back.

Tessa mom

This kind of love looks familiar, right?  Like you might have seen this kind before?  Maybe because this kind of love is all around you.  If everyone gave this kind of love a chance, imagine the possibilities!  This love knows no prejudice.  It has no boundaries.

Tessa 2 walk

Isn’t that the best kind of love?


I invite everyone to celebrate on this World Down Syndrome Day.  Let’s celebrate that all life is valuable and meaningful.  Let’s celebrate the differences in all of us.  We will remember how much this love has grown from the time it first bloomed.

Today let’s celebrate this kind of love.

Happy World Down Syndrome Day!

WDSD 2014

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