Spread The Word To End The Word: 2014

Today is the day where once a year I, along with thousands of others, stand united and encourage people everywhere to hear our voices.  We ask for this pledge to be signed, understood, practiced; and not just for today, but every day.

I am talking about the movement ending the use of the r-word.  Retard.  Retarded.  You know how I feel about it.  It is more than a word.  It is a classification labeling people who do not deserve the label.  It is a word that minimizes the vast accomplishments that Tessa and others make each and every day.

I am not stripping anyone of their first amendment rights (yeah, I have heard that one before).  I am challenging people to better for others and for themselves.

Why?  Because we need a reminder to be considerate, courteous and polite.  It might not mean anything to some people, but to many others it does.

This world places limits on people with intellectual disabilities and challenges them to rise above.  Yet those who place the limits fail to stick around for the good part.  Not only do they rise above, they soar far above the expectations. They conform to the standards of everyday life.  They persevere.  They do it all, but the word still exists.  It is still used.  It is still hurtful.  

Tessa is more than the word that is used to reduce her.  She deserves better.

Everyone does.


I am not over-sensitive.  I am a mom of a child with special needs.  I am a mom of typical children.  I am a human being asking for a shred of decency and Respect.  Please spare me the speech that when the r-word is used that it implies nothing about people with differing abilities…because it absolutely does.  Preaching that we are over-sensitive is a lame excuse for poor behavior when it is so simple to do better.

So if it is just a word, then please pick a different word…a better word.

Sign the pledge.  Remember it.  Pass it on.

Visit http://www.r-word.org

Pledge spread the word

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