Dear Tessa: You’re 2!

Dear Tessa,

Happy 2nd Birthday beautiful!  For about two weeks now I have been teaching you to say “I’m two” when we ask how old you are.  But you just hold up your index finger and say “three” when we ask, funny girl.

Last year your birthday looked like this,

Tessa turns 1

This morning it looked like this,

Tessa 2 bday

Girlfriend…birthdays are fun.  For real.

Over the last year you have changed so much from baby girl to big girl.  You have learned at least 25 more signs, used crayons to color, became a fabulous big sister, published a book with mommy, battled through sensory issues, began using complete words and phrases, and among many other important milestones you have pretty much reached our goal for your second birthday–which was walking!

Tessa 2 walk
Photo credit: Jessica Hartman Photography

Your daddy and I are so incredibly proud of you.  I cannot believe what I have learned about motherhood and myself since having you in my life.  The most important lessons I have learned are to live in each moment and to slow down and appreciate the smaller, often forgot about parts of everyday life…just like you do.

You have also taught me that a little bit of kindness goes a long ways and that happiness is deeply contagious!  I’ve learned that the dishes can wait, as can the laundry when you want a book read to you.

tessa hair
Photo credit: Jessica Hartman Photography

And I’ll gladly do it anytime.

Two years so few, yet seem like a lifetime.  I’m wealthy in what I have gained from you, my girl.

tessa beach 2
Photo credit: Jessica Hartman Photography

I am patiently waiting for you to wake up from your nap so we can have a girls day out with shopping and frozen yogurt.

Happy 2nd Birthday sweet girl.  My wish for you is that each birthday be more special than the last!  I also wish that you actually enjoy this year’s cupcake…

Love, Mom

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