Dear Tessa: 2 is almost here!

Dear Tessa,

You started off this morning roughly.  You were up at 5:30 which is quite unlike you, and as a result left you very crabby; then about five minutes before your physical therapist arrived you fell face first into the coffee table while trying to walk…I am really glad that your dad and I went with the rounded edge coffee table after all, but your first black eye begs to differ.  Unfortunately, thanks to your low blood levels the color that was achieved immediately after the fall was unpleasantly surprising.  But it was nothing a little walk and trip to see your friends wouldn’t fix.

Dad and I just got back from a nice trip to Denver (and Arizona) to share 47 Strings:  Tessa’s Special Code at the 2013 National Down Syndrome Congress Convention.  It was hands down one of our best trips, and the fact that we could do it in your honor made it all worthwhile.  My only regret is not having you there to see all that we saw.  Next year you can go, I promise.

The first time I saw you since coming home, I could see a difference in you.  You grew.  (As for Kendal, her ridiculous growth spurts don’t even shock me anymore.  The girl literally grows every time she has a bottle.)  In that short week we were gone, you really REALLY grew.  All of the sudden you were a full blown toddler.  Your vocabulary is developing faster than I can keep up with and your walking is right around the corner.  Then again, so is your second birthday.

Tessa exploring

In just a few weeks you will be two!  Time flies so fast with you, and out of nowhere I’m planning another birthday party.  You’ll probably find me sulking behind a plate of half-eaten cake at this party too, sweetie (and this time it won’t be pregnancy hormones).  Just know that it is within my rights as your mother to do so…

On Tuesday, we will return to American Family Children’s Hospital in Madison for another blood count.  Actually the day before we left for our trip your platelets were the lowest they had ever been.  While I really questioned whether or not we should go, the doctors (and your dad) reassured me that you would be fine while we left…luckily that was the case.

We will figure this all out, and you will continue to do great.  I know because I watch you rise above the challenges it places on you.  Therefore even if it does take some time to find the right answer(s), I know you will hang tough until that day comes.

In the mean time, we have a lot of prepping to do for your Minnie Mouse party!

Love, Mom.

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