Denver here we come!

This week I will be traveling to Denver with my husband to the National Down Syndrome Congress Annual Convention.  We will be sharing our book 47 Strings:  Tessa’s Special Code in the exhibitor’s hall.  I want to know where 47 Strings has traveled and where it is going.  Not only am I excited to share our project in such a fitting atmosphere, I am excited to be in presence of those walking the same path as we are.  I am anxious to meet self advocates.  I am like a child patiently waiting to see several other projects that promote the acceptance of those with Down syndrome and encourage bright futures across the board.  However, I am most excited to put faces with those who I have met here and to reunite with those we have met along the way.

We are expecting to have a wonderful trip…because I just can’t foresee that we wouldn’t. This will be the first event of its kind that we will attend since Tessa was born.  Even though I can’t contain my pride and excitement, I am going to have a hard time kissing my babies goodbye for a few days.  Trips are nice, don’t get me wrong, but they get harder each time I go.  Usually about two days in, lingering overeactive guilt sets in like “What if they forget who we are,” and “Tessa only eats mandarin oranges cut up a certain way, I should call.”  And of course, “they are probably missing us so much that everyday without us is hell!  Pack it up buddy ‘cuz we gotta’ go home!”  Alright, I’m a little dramatic.  They make it just fine without us.  But in my defense, it would probably be weird if I didn’t act a little crazy over missing them right?

Speaking of packing, I need to start.

Please stay tuned and visit us for an update post-Denver.  If you are out there for the convention, please stop in and visit!  We would love to see you!

The goal for our trip:  Share.  Learn.  Grow.  

Until next time…


And if your curiosity suits you, please feel free to check out Tessa’s revised Birth Story.  I took a peek at it the other day and let’s just say I’ve done some growing since the original.

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