Swim lessons and other lessons…

I took Tessa to her very first swim lesson last night.

I am not sure what part of me thought my bossy, non-walking toddler would love to participate in a well orchestrated swim lesson versus sitting in the water freely and splashing about, but we gave it a shot.

The lesson only lasts for thirty minutes–the first half went great.  The last half, however, went a little something like hit mom in the face, refusal to kick her feet, scream, splash when not necessary, flail around, scream some more…all the way back to the locker room and car.  Sigh.

Once we were loaded in the car, I promised myself we would not be going to another swim lesson this year.  Clearly she wasn’t ready.  It was during the jumping activity at lessons (where the children jump off the ledge to their parents) that I really convinced myself we weren’t ready.  She can’t stand.  She can’t jump.  She doesn’t walk.  But almost every other child in lessons does.  In that small moment of self-pity, I was ready to give up for her.

On the way back from swim lessons, I thought about that thirty minutes at the pool.  Not once did she cry when “jumping” off the ledge or when I assisted her in walking through the water to explore.  No tears were shed even when she had to put her face in and blow bubbles.  She was bending to pick up pool toys from the bottom.  All I focused on was how upset she was for a short period of time.  I forgot all about the patience I have been training myself to have for the last twenty-three months.  Swim lessons isn’t the only time I am forgetting to be patient.  I also pitied her for not quite being able to do some of the things her peers could do.

Any maybe it takes these moments of clarity to remind me to relax–she is still a toddler…and a busy one in her own ways. She will get there.  It also reminded me that all these things mom and dad have her do are unfamiliar and scary sometimes, and I certainly shouldn’t expect her to be so easy going with all of it.  It is my job to be patient and to guide her.  That, my friends, is so easy to forget when parenting.

As far as swim lessons go, we’ll be going back…with flippin’ bells on…swimming our butts away out to that 4 foot mark in the pool like we own it…and probably with some tears.


We spent the 4th of July camping for four days.  It was hot–like insanely hot…well for me anyway.  But we balanced that with lots of time spent at the beach.

tessa mom dad beach

tessa kendal beach
This girl cannot get enough of her baby Kendal! Lots of kisses!!

tessa beach

And then this guy “drove” through the beach…

car at beach

Like usual, Kendal slept through almost everything…

Kendal beach

And Casin was way, way too busy riding his bike and making new friends to have time for me to take his picture.  Plus, he informed me that it is pretty uncool of me to do so.

A perfect holiday down in the books with relaxation, family and friends, campfires, grilling out, and even sleeping in.

What was your favorite part of the 4th?


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