Dear Tessa: Big Sister Extraordinaire

Dear Tessa:

You are finally a big sister, and you are a pro.  I will never forget the moment you came into my hospital room wearing your “big sister” t-shirt, not knowing what you were about to be a part of.  You wasted no time loving up on your baby girl.

Big sis T

I am not going to lie to you, prior to Kendal’s arrival your dad and I worried that you would not adjust well to our new addition.  Much to our surprise, you are really enjoying having a new baby around.  You have lots of kisses and hugs to give and maybe an occasional slap to the face (which Kendal has already gotten used to).  As far as rebelling, you are fighting us just a little bit but we expected it.  You’re a toddler for goodness sakes–it’s what you are supposed to do!

I live for the beautiful moments when you approach Kendal and in the sweetest voice you say, “Ohhhh,” or rarely, “Hi baby,” and kiss her forehead or lay your head on her belly.  I can already tell the two you will be the best of friends and in a year from now, have mommy and daddy running all over the place after both of you in complete craziness.  But I can’t wait!

All of your hard work preparing for Kendal definitely paid off.  I know at times it is hard when Kendal needs me more, but I promise that we really do try to make it up to you.


dads girls


As far as development is going, you are blossoming!  Your language skills are getting so strong, and I love to hear you using words!  Over the weekend you started saying, “yeah,” to just about every question we would ask you.  You also say “ow-ee,” and pretend that you are hurt.  “Da-da” has turned into “daddy” and everyone is greeted with a polite “Hi.”  You love to sit by the front door and say “out” when you want to go outside.  If you could sing the Itsy-Bitsy Spider all day long, you probably would.


Last night after we colored with sidewalk chalk, you took six forward steps independently in your walker on the patio!  The neighbors probably thought I was crazy because I was screaming and cheering excessively.  Considering how much you despise your walker, this was a huge accomplishment!  Your dad and I have set a goal for you to walk by the time you are two.  But I know I need to remember to be patient and let you come into your own.  (That doesn’t mean I won’t have my fingers, toes and everything crossed hoping that this comes true!)

ResizedImage951367249619843I am curious and anxious to see what this spring and summer will bring to you especially since you are so driven right now.  Watching you learn and grow is rewarding in ways I never considered.  And as a bonus, we are growing together watching you do so.  Keep it up Love Bug!

Love, Mom

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