World Down Syndrome Day 2013

Today is World Down Syndrome Day!  The 8th Annual, in fact.  It is a day to celebrate the lives of those born with a third copy of their 21st chromosome, which is why it falls on this day (3/21).  More importantly, it is a day to commemorate the achievements–big and small–of those born with Down syndrome and to show the world that our loved ones are people first…diagnosis later.


For example…

Over the weekend I was at a book signing event when a woman approached me.  She told me a story about how she knew a physician years ago that had fourteen children, the oldest had Down syndrome.  She proceeded to tell me that she could never understand why the physician and his wife would want to continue to have children over and over after “what happened to them” the first time.  She then noticed that I am very pregnant and told me it takes a lot of courage to want another child…

Courage?  Why?  Because my heart will swell twice it’s size with never ending love for my next child?  Because I will be blessed with the gift of another beautiful daughter?  It took me more courage to stand there and face her (while maintaining control of my hormones) with class and tact than it ever took for me to “decide” to have more children.  I told her that we are thrilled to continue to have more children.  With that, she walked away.

First and foremost, I do what I do for my daughter.  I advocate and I love.  Second, I do what I do for people like the women at the book signing because there are times when this world needs it.


At the beginning of the month, we attending the IDSC Kick Off to World Down Syndrome Day Meet Up at the Great Wolf Lodge in Wisconsin Dells.  Surrounded by families with similar circumstances, we celebrated everything that makes our loves ones who they are! We embraced the characteristics that might separate them from everyone else.  And this little lady loved every minute of it!

dells 1 (2)

dells 5

  dells 3

A BIG thanks to IDSC for all of their hard work to put this amazing weekend together!  An even bigger thanks for their continued efforts in speaking out for Down syndrome and bringing awareness to the rest of the world!

Check out their 2013 World Down Syndrome Day: Who I Am video here…


Today, especially today, please know what this day means to millions.  We are a strong community moving mountains.  We will celebrate that all life is precious and valuable.  We all want the same for our loved ones who carry an extra 21st…unlimited opportunity and the chance to show what they are capable of–a life without boundaries where they are encouraged to dream big and flourish, one where a chromosome does not define a being.

To honor World Down Syndrome Day, the colors blue and yellow can be worn as symbols of awareness and respect for those with Down syndrome.

I asked this last year and I will ask every year:  

If you could tell the world one thing about someone you know that has Down syndrome, what would it be?  

My answer will always be the same.

Tessa Jo Carey is a truly remarkable being, not because she has Down syndrome, but because she just is.

Mom and Tess dells

Live and let live.

Happy World Down Syndrome Day!  

To learn more about World Down Syndrome day, please visit:

To learn more about the International Down Syndrome Coalition, please visit:

6 thoughts on “World Down Syndrome Day 2013

  1. Wonderful blog, its really inspiring for me to read from other families who share this journey. This is the first year that World Down Syndrome day has had such meaning for us. I am so happy to see all the information, awareness, and sharing of stories going on today! I really appreciate and respect all you’ve said here.

  2. I would tell them that our lives are BETTER because of Down syndrome – that they would be lucky to experience the change in perspective that accompanies loving someone with a disability.

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