Dear Tessa: Small Victories

Dear Tessa,

It’s been one month since your stay in the hospital and it appears that you are pretty much back to your old self.  You have gained all but a half of a pound of your weight back, your muscles are rebuilding, you have regained your appetite, and you are as sassy as ever.  The picture should provide the evidence necessary for anyone who would like to dispute  that last bit…

Sitting on my first ever time-out and really not happy about it!
Sitting on my first ever time-out and really not happy about it!

I am a little unsure about how much good that “time-out” did for you, but it must have done something given your reaction to how terrible sitting in the same spot, and not able to do anything, was.  You have really been testing your limits around here lately.  Now it’s all making sense to me…when I would brag about how good you were and people would say, “…oh, you just wait…”  This is what they were talking about.  That was my warning.  Yay.

It feels like you are suspicious of the change that will be coming in a few short weeks with the arrival of your new baby sister.  Maybe that is part of the reason for this heightened rebellion.  Maybe not though.  Either way, I know the adjustment for you and for us will be somewhat life altering.  Preparations for this have resulted in last night’s “time-out” and increased discipline for the little blue-eyed babe whose charming disposition won over our hearts.  Other playtime activities like giving you a baby doll every chance we get and helping you “be nice to the “baby” or letting you “feed the baby her bottle” or “rocking the baby” are what we hope will help make the transition a little less stressful for you.

Like I said before, you have been doing a lot of intense rebuilding in the last month to make up for some of the developmental regression that was caused by your hospital stay.  Even though it has been hard, you have been a little trooper like always.  Mom and dad, along with your therapists, have helped disguise exercise and learning by using music and games.  By doing so, you fight us much less and you get the instant success you like in order to move forward.  I’ve set aside my hopes for you to walk by the time the baby comes; and instead I am celebrating the small victories like you transitioning from down to up, and attempting to pull yourself up, and getting on your hands and knees, and using utensils and big girl cups.  You say “kitty” now and are trying lots of other words as well.  I also celebrated daddy finally baby-proofing the cupboard doors throughout the house and all of the outlets.  So now when you try to open the TV stand door for the millionth time or shove your finger into an outlet and you can’t do it, boom–small victory for me!  (This is when mommy would insert some sort of evil laughter.)

Because one of the most important things I have learned about parenting is you need to embrace the small victories…no matter how small.

Here are some other cute recent pictures of you:

Wearing dad's fox hat!
Wearing dad’s fox hat!
Pulled myself up!
Pulled myself up!

Where, oh where, have almost 18 months gone?

Love, Mom

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