Pregnant, pregnant, pregnant…

Well…I am 26.5 weeks pregnant and more uncomfortable by the day.  Life hasn’t slowed down lately which is nothing new to us and isn’t showing signs of slowing any time soon.  A few weeks ago, I found my first [known] gray hair on top of my head–root to tip and I swear to God it was glowing.  This sent me spiraling into a pregnant-induced crying frenzy which ended in me convincing myself that “it only goes downhill from here…”  Then, when I finally gave into temptation for Taco Bell to satisfy my daily mexican food craving (really lowering my standards from semi-authentic local mexican restaurants to Taco Bell), I ordered my chalupa chalupas with beef instead of chicken…and since I rarely give into this temptation, this was quite a let down because I  realized it only after I had pulled out of the parking lot.  Other pregnancy related issues?  I found my toothpaste in the shower the other day, my hands no longer function by normal standards, I “lose” my cell phone every 15 minutes, I want a cat, I may or may not have shut my car door directly into my basketball shaped belly, out of no where Casin told me he thinks it’s great I’m gaining weight for the baby, I’m breaking out like a 16 year old, and just recently I discovered that the show Flipping Out with Jeff Lewis could make me sob…

This is how I feel about my life right now since I shamefully only want to wear black yoga pants.  Embarrassingly enough, this was exactly a part of my morning routine today:


So yeah, I am doing well…Such is the pregnant life I guess.

In other news, we have settled back into routine at home after Tessa’s stay in the hospital over Christmas.  She is done with her home oxygen, and we are periodically doing a sleep apnea monitor at night until we know more from her doctors.  Her ENT is referring us to the American Family Children’s Hospital in Madison to look at the possibility of removing her tonsils and adenoids since he did not feel comfortable enough to do the procedure because it poses quite a risk to her little body, and he wanted to be sure the right resources would be available to her.  Right now we just don’t know if she will be getting them out or not…all the while prepping for the arrival of her new sister in just three short months.  As a chronic over-stresser, this is really doing wonders for me.  Like Dan says, “everything will be just fine.”  So for now I just have to go with him on that.

I have a good feeling that these next three months will pass by quickly since the first six have!  And it sounds like we will be pretty busy up until she is here.  Honestly, I am trying to remember to enjoy these last pregnant moments among our hectic schedules…like the 21 trips to the bathroom at night, or the insomnia, or the back pain, or the little responsive movements and kicks, or hiccups.  I know that doesn’t always sound fun, but it is totally worth it.

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