A post not worthy of an actual title…

Random babbling in the wake of the Newtown, Connecticut elementary school shooting.  Because I am equally pissed as I am heartbroken over this tragic day that unfortunately will be marked in history.  This world can be a crappy and scary place.

Let’s face it,  we live in a society where it is encouraged to act like an asshole.  And if someone would like to make an argument, please note the numerous reality television shows on TV that I feel are only a partial part of the much bigger problem.  People are living each thoughtless moment premised on “act first, think later.”  Or think never for that matter.  We don’t need to be responsible for our actions, whatever they may be. We can say and do whatever we please to anyone and it doesn’t matter how it affected them, right?

Sure, there are good people out there.  And for every one good thing they do, there will always be ten others anxiously waiting to criticize them.  Actually, it doesn’t matter if a good deed is done or not…if you do anything, someone is waiting to judge you.  And all of that criticism and judgment will just end up overshadowing the greatness that was trying to sneak out.

The news is terrifying, so I just don’t watch it.  The internet has become the devil’s playground.  Nothing is off limits.  And you can be damn sure that if there is a problem, it will be made worse before it ever gets better.

The thought of bringing another child into this world is utterly daunting.  Anymore it makes me wonder if my dream of having a family is worth all that my children will face.  Because it seems like bad days are only becoming more common and respect is a thing of the past.

In my opinion this is part of what we live in:  We live in a world where having an opinion gives a sense of entitlement, where compassion is used more toward hating others rather than loving–or at the very least respecting, where guns are used when tempers flare, where name-calling is as acceptable as bad judgment, where God is expected to clean up after the messes we make, and ultimately where chivalry really has died.

Only after a tragedy such as the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting occurs, do we ask the question “Why?”  I get it, we should ask that.  It would be strange if we didn’t.  Sadly, should this really surprise any of us?  My god, there was just a shooting in a shopping mall earlier this week in Oregon.  And I think it’s safe to say that these won’t be the last of unnecessary events that will take place.  Why did this happen?  Because some people are truly awful and shit like this is obviously easy to do when there is a lack of compassion for our neighbors, a lack of respect for even the smallest of human lives, and a lack of responsibility necessary for actions taken.  Everyone wants to go down in flames.

This is what scares me for our future.

While I am sure my words alone mean nothing, I believe now is time for a change we can all feel good about.  Until then, this will never stop happening…

I am going to go spend my Friday night positively annoying Casin and Tessa with tight hugs and several kisses and watching hours of the Disney channel.  I am going to let them eat tons of frozen pizza and huge bowls of ice cream because I am thankful to have them here at home with us.

May God’s grace surround each and every person affected by this senseless act of horror.  While I’ll be putting my littles to sleep tonight, there will be those who won’t be able to do so.  I cannot–and hope to never–imagine the pain they are all enduring tonight.

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