Dear Tessa: Keeping up with you!

Dear Tessa,

I told you I would post a picture of you in your Halloween costume so here it is…


A cute little peanut and a ninja big brother!  Perfect costumes!


In other news, after nearly three months of what I consider to be the worst stretch of teething that I am sure anyone has endured, you finally FINALLY cut one of your bottom front teeth sometime over last night.  This makes seven with its neighbor not too far behind.  I really didn’t think they would ever come in.  It felt like someone was playing a really sick joke on me you.  I think I threatened to run away somewhere in all of the screaming and hitting and biting and rotten diaper rash…But I didn’t.  This morning I just wanted to throw a freaking party in your tooth’s honor.

You are quite the little mover these days.  Right now we are working on transitioning from sitting to crawling, crawling to kneeling, and kneeling to standing.  You are so close to perfecting it all.  I don’t think it will be much longer, though.  My god, look at how big you look here,


Miss Independent.  Then there is a little game you like to play at meal time when you drop launch food off of your high chair tray and say “Uh oh” as if it were some sort of an accident.  Get real Bug, I’m on to you.

But this has to be my favorite.  I love, love, love playing peek-a-boo with you around the coffee table.  Pretty sneaky!

And after a full day, you curl up in your nightly routine with Dad…who, notably, is still your favorite.


What a month!  Anymore it is hard keeping up with you!

To end we did end up finding out if you will have a little sister or a little brother in April and the result is…

Baby #2Baby 2 sucks thumb

A healthy and very active little girl!  

Dad and brother needed a day to recover from the news, but they are just fine now!  The girls are taking over 🙂

Love, Mom.

One thought on “Dear Tessa: Keeping up with you!

  1. Hi Becky I just wanted to tell you that your letters to Tessa make me smile everytime I read them and yes cry to. You’re blessed with the talent to tell your story and make it interesting. I do hope to read your big people book someday.;)

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