Dear Tessa: Closing October

Dear Tessa,

October was a busy month for you this year.  You participated in your first Step Up for Down Syndrome Walk in Madison.  I would be lying if I said you didn’t have any fun.  You fell in love with the service dogs and who could blame you?  I would have stolen one to bring home for you if that weren’t illegal and if it would take care of itself.  But instead I watched you playfully pull their ears and receive outrageous amounts of dog kisses throughout the day.  We reconnected with some friends you’ve made in the last year and gained new ones for the future.  You danced to the band with other kids…some with 47 chromosomes and some with 46, but no one was counting that day.


It was one of my favorite days this month for so many obvious reasons.



Just recently you had bilateral tube placement in both ears due to a middle ear hearing loss caused by large amounts fluid that wasn’t able to drain out.  I think it is safe to say that I took it worse than you did–thanks to pregnancy and my mom issues relating to over-protection.

Within days, you made huge strides in your language development.  Over the weekend I watched you army crawl to your grandpa for the first time!  We were told that the tubes may help you find balance and I believe they did.  I think you are on a path to mobility, but I am being patient just like I promised.

October is also Down Syndrome Awareness Month.  While I do not need a whole month to be reminded of how great you are (but I certainly enjoy it), some need to be reminded of the virtue that can be overshadowed by difference.  Having said that, I cheerfully celebrated each day this month in your honor 🙂

I will have pictures of you in your Halloween costume soon, little peanut!

Love, Mom

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