An overdue post…

Taking Time

While numerous distractions have left me neglecting this page recently, it doesn’t mean that I have forgotten it.  On a daily basis I remind myself to sit down and write.  Then there is finding time to do so.  Then there is actually doing it when I have the time.  This applies to many other day to day duties like laundry…and vacuuming…and dusting that also due to neglect has now has formed a pattern on my TV stand.

It’s an endless battle trying to push work aside sometimes and prioritizing my time here. What I have discovered is how much of a therapeutic escape this blog has become for me.  So I guess what that means is…I need to be here.


As far as Tessa goes…well as you can see she is quite content…

Maybe a little too content…

And that’s fine.

She is still trying to figure out mobility, and I am letting her by not rushing.  A process that has forced me to be patient, her ability to become a crawler or a walker will present itself when she is ready–not when I am ready.

We were introduced to a great occupational therapist earlier this month.  The results of OT have already proven quite successful.  Tessa is learning how to play productively, she is attempting to make animal sounds, adapting more to sign language, and last night for the first time she said, “Hi!”

While Tessa has been busy, so has her brother Casin.  He recently showed a pig at our local community fair.  The pig–who earned the name Joey–was donated by a local family for Casin to show at the fair with the ending goal to be whatever money the pig brought in at the auction would be donated toward 47 Strings:  Tessa’s Special Code.   Joey sold for $750 in the auction that day.  Tessa’s clapped and smiled while looking at the crowd when the bidding was over, as if she was cued to do so.  A more fitting thank you will be given to those who deserve it, and believe me we are grateful to have such staggering support right within our community.  

Baby, Baby, Baby

We were able to get an early peek at our upcoming addition to our growing family a couple of weeks ago:

Pictured here at eight weeks and one day, baby Carey appears to be growing great–and my already visibly round belly is proof.

Coming Soon

  • September Letter to Tessa
  • A post on our decision on whether or not to do early prenatal testing during this pregnancy and our reasons for the decision we made.

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