Dear Tessa: You’re 1!

Dear Tessa:

Your first birthday was here and gone just like that.  I think they consider one-year-old’s toddlers now, but I’m not quite there yet.

You had a big party at home with lots of your friends and family!

Of course you had ladybug cake to match your ladybug dress…

You and your dad shared cake and ice cream together!

And you were queen for the day!

Did you notice your shirt?  We also announced at your party that you would be a big sister in April!  Your dad and I got you a baby doll to practice with over the next few months…lately you have been picking her up by her “ear” or her “hair” and giving her kisses when we ask you to give the baby a kiss.  Sure it might look as though you are biting her face, but we know that you are really loving that little baby right up.


I think you are going to be a great big sister!  I can already tell.  Here’s why:

1.  You have a perfect example set by your older brother!

2.  You love other babies!

3.  You are bossy!  Let’s face it–everyone knows that if you’re going to be a big sister, then you are going to have to be a little bit bossy.

So that’s that.  You left a great mark on your first year and going into your second I believe you will do the same by taking on the role of the “big sister” and more.

In the meantime you and mommy have been sneaking in lots of cat-naps, and we are both guilty of eating an embarrassing amount of cheese.  That’s my fault…I am using your love for the snack to fulfill my strong dairy cravings.  Don’t feel bad that your diapers make mommy immediately nauseous right now.  It’s nothing personal.

Love, Mom

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