Dear Tessa: Summer Days

Dear Tessa:

At this time last year, I was wishing summer away so I could meet you.  This year, I’m praying that summer will drag on because it is only a matter of a couple of months until your first birthday, and I’m not ready to let go of counting your age in months and making the transition to years…

People often ask me in passing, “So how old is the little one,” or “What’s Tessa now–six months?”  And with a hard swallow I reply, “Almost ten months,” with the typical response being, “Holy $#!*, ten months?!”  Yeah buddy, that’s what I think too.

But that’s okay…I suppose you can’t be a baby forever…And I really, REALLY need to start accepting that.

You continue to entertain me.  Lately you tend to imitate what those around you are doing.  For instance if someone coughs, you [fake] cough almost immediately.  And when someone laughs, you give a resounding “ha ha” to let everyone know what you think, too.  Mimicking at its finest on your part and I don’t know where you ever would have acquired such sarcastic behavior…certainly not from your parents…

You are also newly camera shy…


…which is pretty hilarious because it is evident that you are tired of having the camera in your face all the time–duly noted, little lady.

Let’s face it, you were made to be a fair weather baby.  I am not sure how you will react when the cold returns, because I don’t think I will be able to take the summer out of you.  If it were up to you, you would spend every single day outside or in the water.  And that’s fine by me.  That, my dear, you get from your father.  Embrace it.

Tessa Bug, I love sharing all of this with you because I am dreaming of the day that you sit down and read these letters.  Oh, how I want to be there!  I hope you know why I am doing this.

I often think about what it would have been like to read the chronicled version of my childhood.  This way, you will never have to wonder.  You will always know your progress, and I want you to be proud of yourself while learning about how hard you worked.  I want you to know how many people you’ve touched.  Aside from yourself, by doing this I will never forget all of the little and big things you have done that have changed me.

Love, Mom

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