Summer Baby!

I think it’s safe to say that summer is here, and I have a little nine month old that is loving it!

Here’s what’s been happening in our world lately…

Tessa is nine months old!  She is sitting like a pro!  She is pretty content with that, but is making great progress towards getting to her hands and knees.  She would still really prefer to not do physical therapy.  Much to her dismay, she will continue to do it twice a month for a long time.

She has also started to respond to sign language while she eats.  I mean she is not literally signing to us, but she tends to not open her mouth for more unless we give her the sign for “more.”  And when we give her the sign to “eat,” her little lips are movin’!  I am pretty proud of her for catching on so quickly, but I am also pretty damn proud of Dan and myself.  Even Casin will walk by her and give her a sign now and then!

Cousin Calum came over for a playdate last week.  They spent the day studying each other’s faces, mocking one another, and passing toys back and forth.  I’m sure you can understand how this would exhaust them after a long day of play.

She made her first trip to Lake Wisconsin to my aunt and uncle’s cabin this past weekend, spending most of Saturday and part of Sunday in a blue plastic pool my aunt bought for her and Calum to play in.  I’ll be completely honest…I was a sunscreen-psycho.  There is probably a good chance she won’t get a sunburn for a while thanks to the amount I covered her in over the course of two days.  Seriously, this is what was going through my head the entire time I watched her in the water:  “Okay I just sprayed her and put lotion on her and she is wearing a sun hat, but that sun…that freaking sun is so hot, it’s probably cooking her!  Yup, it definitely has to be cooking her from the inside out because there isn’t enough SPF 50 on her yet!  Oh lord, water is splashing and washing it all off!  Jesus woman–GET THE SUNSCREEN!”  And trying to not be obvious, I would half run/half walk to grab the Coppertone and reapply.

Needless to say, she survived the wrath of the sun’s rays burn free.  Whew!  However, I can’t guarantee that she won’t be terrified the next time she sees the sunscreen bottle headed her way.  Casin is pretty used to me doing this to him by now, but Tessa is just getting introduced.

She found a new friend in Kramer, my aunt and uncle’s lab.

I will have pictures of her in the pool next time.

Annnddddd…we rolled into the start of this week with Tessa being sick.  She was up six times from 12:30 – 6 this morning–officially making it the longest night we have ever had with her to date.  There was plenty of dry-heaving, puking and screaming.  Followed by a full day of just the same.  I can say that each time she is sick, it hasn’t gotten easier.  This might go for all moms (and dads) because watching her get physically sick to the point where she is shaking and looking at me with those big blue eyes, begging me to make it stop, is heartbreaking.  I try to give her a look back that reassures her it will all be over soon and that she will be fine; one that lets her know I’ll be right there with her though all of it.  She must have got it because she snuggled her warm head into me all day, and we didn’t leave our recliner more than twice.  Luckily, I think she slept most of it off today and was feeling better by early this evening (fingers crossed–tightly)!

Tessa was back to what seemed to be her old self.  She just started to use a walker around the kitchen last week and loves it.  Like most nine month olds, she drives a red Jeep Liberty.

See you next time!

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