Six Months Old!

First of all, let me just say this…I have a six month old…WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN?!?  (I know, I know…six months ago–rhetorical question, people.)  I am beside myself thinking about the fact that in another six months, she will be a year old.  I really did (*do*) think she would stay my little newborn for much longer.  But if that happened, how would I ever see what kind of woman she will become?  How would I ever know what she will do to change the world?  So for now, I think I’ll preserve her infancy deep in my heart like the world’s most sought after treasure. 

She was the most perfect Valentine; sweet, beautiful, and full of love–just like a Valentine is.  A year ago on Valentine’s Day we heard her heart beat for the first time, and I remember thinking how there was no greater gift than hearing the intense pounding of the smallest of hearts.  (The irony of it being on Valentine’s Day certainly helped as well.)  And while that was wonderful, it is a far greater gift to have her in my arms…

…or sleeping peacefully on the floor.   

Being so loved is quite tiring…

She has been a little worker bee strengthening up her muscles.  Not that she always enjoys it, though.  It’s like she knows when we’re trying to do therapy with her, so we have to disguise it in play time. 

And to close…after the launch of last week, we were blown away by the incredible response.  What a great group of readers we have!  Our YouTube video with Casin reached over 1,000 views in no time because of people like you…who shared it with friends, family, or on your Facebook pages.  THANK YOU!  Keep spreading the joy and the good word!  It’s crazy to know that many people from all different walks of life from wherever on the globe watched our video.  I’m thrilled that people are opening their minds and their hearts.  I still believe knowledge is power…but the internet is pretty powerful tool as well 🙂 

And always remember…

SPREAD THE WORD TO END THE WORD!  Live above ignorance 😉


Above photography courtesy of:  Little Britches Photography — Thanks Judi! 

6 thoughts on “Six Months Old!

  1. Tessa is beautiful! And Casin is a very sweet big brother ❤ I look forward to keeping up with your blog and sharing it!

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