Hello world!

I’m beyond excited to share my very first post with you on my new site!  It feels awesome to see how I’m moving along in the blogging world.  But mostly, I’m just excited that I’ve graduated to a legit page!  So I hope this is just as exciting for you readers as it is for me!

I will get you up to speed on how Tessa has been doing.  In January she started Physical and Speech Therapy both once a month, as compared to how she was only doing it once every three months prior.  She did so well in her last therapy sessions, it was quite incredible!  Her muscle tone has greatly improved, and she is using her mouth and tongue just as she should be.  To many of you, that’s really no big deal, but to us-it’s HUGE!  She has also started holding her bottle all on her own.  And I must say that she is pretty impressed with herself.  Overall, she is doing quite well and isn’t needing much extra assistance.

Only a few small bumps in the road recently, but nothing we can’t handle.  We certainly haven’t let any of them slow us down.  Sometimes I get caught up in the cool heartache and begin to feel overwhelmed.  Then I remember two simple words:  just breathe.  I feel like we are getting more of a grasp in this complicated world of Down Syndrome.  It’s getting more comfortable to talk about–even for Dan.

We have come quite a distance since August 15, 2011–almost six months!  Looking back to that day I’ve realize something:  These days, that are passing by far to quickly, are only the beginning of even greater days to come.

If any of you followed my previous page, you knew how we had BIG goals for 2012.  On Monday night, we put a huge line through one of them!  I will get to that later in this post, so keep your eyes peeled…

Did I happen to mention how much Dan is wrapped around Tessa’s tiny finger?  It’s insane…We went to Chula Vista in Wisconsin Dells this past weekend where, outside of the bathtub, Tessa went swimming for her first time.  Let me tell you, Buggy is a mad swimmer–end of story.  Getting back to the point…Dan had taken Tessa to the kiddy pool at some point.  They were literally sitting in the pool for what he says was only seconds, when a small child (maybe about 2 years old) came up to Tessa and clubbed her right on top of the head!  He said it took so much restraint to not come unglued on this kid for smacking his baby girl.  Listening to him tell the story, I had to laugh only because I was picturing the whole scenario in my head–Dan sitting in a kiddy pool with Tessa in her chic one strap, black swimsuit, and a curious little guy closed fist hitting her in the head.  How did Tessa react, you ask?  Confused.  Not a single tear.  I mean seriously, it won’t be the first and definitely won’t be the last time she gets hit, bit, kicked, scratched, etc. And I can assure you that she will probably deal some devastating blows in her future to some poor, unsuspecting children.  But it doesn’t matter.  That’s where she is with her daddy, tucked right under his arms and watchful eyes. 

Too much swimming equals one sleepy baby.

Prior to our trip to the Dells, little Bug had been battling her congestion again.  When she wasn’t battling that, she was vomiting–I mean like in-your-face, projectile vomiting.  The kind that was even making me nauseous.  A little too much?  Well, maybe.  That’s what we went through for ten long freaking days.  When that was finally over, she was one hundred times more congested. But in the midst of it all, she learned a very valuable life lesson…

That Care Bears, even if in pajama form, make everything better!

Lastly, I said I would get to the big goal we scratched off this week.  One of the things we knew we needed to accomplish was telling Tessa’s big brother Casin about her Down Syndrome diagnosis.  Originally we didn’t want to share this with him for a while.  But ultimately, we decided that we wanted him to hear it first from us.  We wanted him to be prepared.  We wanted to educate him.  We wanted him to know.  It was time.  Dan and I talked a lot about how to tell him in a way that might be easy for him to understand.  After all, it’s still hard for us to understand the continuous medical jargon that is thrown our way.  How could he ever understand?  So…we made a story about his little sister.  Seeing how sharing this with him is such an important part of our journey, we decided to share it with you.

After we recorded the video, Dan, Casin, Tessa and I all had a long talk about what Down Syndrome is and what it meant for his sister.  We expected curiosity, concern, and questions.  We got just that.  He handled it just like we thought he would.  He loved her no less.  He gave her a big kiss.  He held her hand and said he would always be there for her.  Lord, did it make my heart swell–so much that my eyes even started to water.  We told him he will probably have more questions as he learns more about it and we encouraged him to ask them.  We talked about any kids he knew that might have different needs or may need special help sometimes.  We talked about kids with different backgrounds.  We talked about differences.  We talked about acceptance of others.  Casin is an incredibly smart boy.  His love knows no bounds for anyone.

If only everyone saw the world through a child’s eyes.  They would see innocence beyond belief, greatness without limitation, and love without judgement.  Sometimes I believe that children only know what they are taught, then there are times like these when I realize I am so wrong.  I would love to think that the sole reason for his kindness is because he comes from two pretty great households, and while that may have a lot to do with it, I truly believe he has just always known how to care for people.

There it is…a definite lengthy first post.  Here’s to you and following our journey!

11 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. This is great Becky! I’m so proud of you! Tessa is perfect and Casin is the prefect big brother, this story really warmed my heart and watered my eyes. I love you guys!! I can’t wait for the next blog!

  2. Becky,
    I stumbled upon this while reading a friend’s post. I am so very happy I did. God truly knew the right family to have such a special little girl. You are absolutely incredible and I am in awe after reading your post. I only wish more people could see this. What a wonderful way to tell your son. ( I can finally see through my tears to type!) I look forward to reading more and continue to watch your family.
    Linda Hubbard

  3. Tessa will someday be so thankful for parents like you and Dan,how fortunate she could be born to a couple as wonderful as you and Dan.But then again we always new good things would come to you, what an honor and a privilage it is to call you my daughter,you will do just fine as parents we love you both. Love Dad!

  4. Becky,
    I came across your post via co-worker, Barb Wedig. Casin seems to be a very compassionate, caring brother and I Iove the way you chose to share Tessa’s diagnosis with him. Many children and adults could benefit from reading your story!! Great way to focus on Tessa’s abilities, not her disability. Becky, Dan, Casin and Tessa, I look forward to following your journey! 🙂
    -Marcia Blackbourn

  5. Great Story! Thanks for sharing! Tessa looks great in her chair and on her tummy for floor time! Great job in therapy.. Birth To Three I will assume! I grew up with my uncle who was blessed with Down’s.. His journey in life was one I was fortunate to walk with! Just 11 years older than me He taught me so much!! But more importantly his loving family (my grandparents & mom/his sister) helped him have a great life! I can see that God too blessed Tessa with a wonderful family to journey in this life with!! Congrats! Enjoy the highs, lows, and new adventures!!!
    — Susan Champion-Hicks

  6. Becky,
    What an awesome video, you did a great job. Tessa is so lucky to have such a wonderful famiy, I loved the end when you were done and Casin was like oh & it was so sweet. You have a beautiful family and thanks for sharing as a parent is was very heart warming and your kids will frow up and be great loving people because of you and Dan. You have been truely blessed 🙂

  7. Hi Becky!
    Jamie sent me your link and wow has Tessa grown! Tessa is so adorable!! It was so good to meet you awhile back…. Amazing how time flies… I LOVE & ADORE your video!! Luke will be a big brother this July. We are so excited! We would love to meet up again if you & Dan are up for it? Maybe this time we can bring Luke and I know that Jesse & Dan would hit it off. May I share this video link with others?? Can you e-mail me when you get a chance?
    ( brenda.jean.ray@gmail.com ) I wanted to send you an E-vite to an event we are having at HotelRed Wed.March 21st. I feel excitement & empowered by your outlook …we share the same frame of mind. It is very refreshing to know I am not alone. Our kiddos are such a blessing & I am so honored to be Luke’s mom! Warm Regards, Brenda J. Ray

    1. Hi Brenda! I have been wondering about you! Jaime told me that you were expecting and I am so excited for you all! Of course, you can share the video and blog with others…I actually encourage you to do so! Thanks!

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