Children’s Book-47 Strings

47 strings-out nowWe are thrilled to announce that we have teamed up with Little Creek Press to create a wonderful children’s picture book based on our YouTube video where we shared Tessa’s “special code” with her big brother for the first time.

As part of our journey, sharing Tessa’s Down syndrome diagnosis with her big brother was very important to us.  How we shared with him became even more important.  We struggled finding a way to explain what Down syndrome was and what it meant for his sister.  We struggled even more to find a book that sent an appropriate message.  After a brainstorming session, I concluded the best way to share with him was through a story.  47 Strings:  Tessa’s Special Code came to life not long after. 

47 Strings:  Tessa’s Special Code is a children’s picture book that explains what Down syndrome is in a kid-friendly way that is easy to understand.  47 Strings also encourages children to embrace differences in their peers, and it expresses the belief that different does not equal less.  This book is greatly beneficial to families and children of all types who are wanting to share a diagnosis with a little one, educate children about the power of difference, or even just to read a child a story.

47 Strings:  Tessa’s Special Code was released on November 14, 2012.  You can order your copy at, on Amazon or at Barnes & Noble!

A portion of the proceeds will go to the Madison Area Down Syndrome Society and The National Association for Down Syndrome!  

47 Strings:  Tessa’s Special Code makes a great gift for any occasion!  It also perfect for new parent packs for Down syndrome organizations or clinics!

Here is a direct quote from the editor of the book, Carrie O’Boyle:

“Editing this book has been one of the most special projects I’ve ever worked on. I am very proud of it–probably the most proud of anything I’ve ever done thus far in my professional career. I am blessed to know several children who have Down syndrome, and this was truly a labor of love in their honor.”

Check out this sweet picture of Tessa from the photoshoot:

For other updated information, you can check out the publisher’s website at:

Thank you!

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